Portgalore virtual assistant

Have you ever had a virtual assistant? Someone who takes care of many of your administrative tasks remotely. Not an accountant or bookkeeper but someone who does the preparatory work so that everything is always in order.

Not me but I am my own jack-of-all-trades. A centipede that loves to be busy. I like to organize and arrange but also to work in the garden. Household and cooking is not my hobby unless it’s for the guests of the Bed and Breakfast .

What does a virtual assistant do?

A virtual assistant does and can do a lot. More important is the question what can I do for you in that capacity.

Are you looking for someone who can help you with websites , write texts and everything that comes with it. Or are you someone who assists you in the red tape around a alojamento local ? Possible activities can be found below. Together we make agreements about the activities that I can take care of for you. This is possible according to a fixed hours contract or on a flexible basis.

  • Edit texts on the website or place new texts
  • Adjust photos on website or post new photos
  • Track website updates
  • SEO website optimization and where necessary improve
  • Post messages on social media
  • Other common website related work.

  • Keep track of reservations and bookings
  • Tracking channel manager
  • Communicate with guests
  • Process payments in booking system or channel manager
  • Tracking OTAs such as booking.com, airbnb and many others
  • Set up new OTAs and link them to the booking system or channel manager
  • Sending invoices to Finanças via e-factura
  • Pass on monthly figures to the accountant
  • Logging in and out of guests at the Siba-Sef
  • Make quarterly returns with the Segurança Social
  • Other common activities that you want to hand over
Other common activities that you do not have time for yourself. Maybe you don’t feel like it or that suits you less. Together we look at what your wishes are and whether this also fits within my options.

Requests and contact

If you also want to use these services, fill in the contact form below or contact us for more information.

Treat yourself and your company to a virtual assistant and save more time for what you are good at. < / p>

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