Below my portfolio of created and also optimized websites. Everything entirely according to the wishes and needs of my customers, the owners of the websites.

Are you….

When building, creating a website is not only the technology important. This can be learned through training and experience. The interaction between customer and web designer is important. Building a website is more than a business appointment. It is feeling and empathizing with the needs of the customer. Are you my (future) customer?

  • Do you want a website tailored to your wishes and with my advice? Is your website in need of a new look or does it need optimization? Then you’ve come to the right place.
  • You are self-employed and want to promote your work in a strict way through your own website.
  • As a small self-employed person you want a nice website to get customers.
  • You have a small-scale accommodation for holiday rental and want to generate more income outside the booking sites.
  • Your volunteer work and / or foundation needs a website to draw more attention to charity.
  • As a private individual you want to share yourself or your hobby and other activities with the ‘world’ through blogging.Do you recognize yourself in this, are you looking for that interaction with short lines of communication.fill in this contactform (in dutch but soon also in english)
Portfolio 2 of POrtugalore

Not all websites are maintained by me after creating and / or optimizing thereafter. Often customers pick this up again themselves. Under maintenance at Portugalore are:

Bed and Breakfast Casa Traca, Centraal Portugal | Rondreizen Portugal | Joy of Touch mindfulness en massage | Plano5 | Boekingswebsite B&B Casa Traca

Do you also want a well-arranged website. Lets place your website also in my portfolio 2. A website that you can maintain yourself after instruction. Are there in my portfolio websites that appeal to you. Then contact us via contactformulier