What is website coaching? You want to have your own website. You have a good idea and you know exactly what you want. Above all you want to do it yourself. This way you want to get a feel for your website. Build up confidence to make changes in the future. Above all, you want to create your dream and that includes a beautiful and good website. However, you are not familiar enough with making a website. You lack the skills and knowledge to create a beautiful and well findable website from scratch.

personal coaching

Now coaching comes into play. Coaching is a form of personal guidance based on an equal one-to-one relationship. The coachee learns, the coach supports and guides this learning process. Within the coaching process, the goals are determined in advance. The purpose of coaching is to increase the personal effectiveness and professional competence of the coachee. (source: Wikipedia)

Is website coaching something for me?
If this appeals to you then website coaching might be for you.

Building blocks of website coaching

With website coaching you build your website yourself and only call in help when necessary!

Website coaching only for new websites?

No, this is not only for new websites, but also if you want to completely overhaul your website. Have you had enough of your website after years and want to give it a new fresh look. Then this course is also suitable for you. Do you want to install a new theme and completely redesign it? A different layout of your menu and pages? We also make a step-by-step plan for giving your website a new look. In this plan your wishes will be listed and what is needed to realize them. Then you can determine what you can and will do yourself and which modules you want to purchase from Portugalore.

You and your coach

How does this work in practice? We start with an introductory meeting. During this meeting we will discuss your wishes concerning the website to be realised. However, we also discuss what you can and cannot do yourself. In this conversation I also tell you more about the process and how the coaching works. Based on this intake I will make a roadmap for the entire coaching.

This roadmap is the first step in the coaching process.

Question and answer

Is this way of creating my new website also suitable if I choose all modules? No, in that case you should opt to let me make your website in total.

What is the difference between coaching and maintenance and support?  Website coaching is only for creating a new website. Also for completely changing an existing website. Maintenance and support is for an existing website. The website will be kept up-to-date and you will get support for questions regarding changes to your website.

Is website coaching suitable for one time support? No, then coaching is not suitable, but you can use me for one-time work on your website. This can be done via the contact form.

How do I know how much time I have left on my strippenkaart? Through a personal Trello board you can see exactly how much time has been spent from a stripe card. You can also ask additional questions directly. Here everything about the coaching is conveniently arranged. Only you and I have access to your Trello board.