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Webdesign & Webdevelopment

At Portugalore you can go for all your customization in the field of creating and maintaining a website. I create websites by using a content management system, in this case wordpress. In addition, I specialize in websites for (small-scale) holidays accommodation rental. Because of this I am well informed about availability and reservation systems and channel managers. However, other professional groups and organizations also belong to my clientele. A website is created in close consultation with the customer, whereby the customer is involved as much as possible in the entire process. As a customer you supply the photos and texts yourself. Where necessary, I will rewrite texts for good findability and readability in the search engines. Portugalore is more than just a web design agency. You are actively involved and advised with you. Collaboration with the customer is paramount.

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Installation SSL certificate
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Have a website made, updated and / or maintained for accommodation in Portugal: free comprehensive listing on the website Rondreizen Portugal


Starting a small rental accommodation in Portugal

Advice to starting accommodation entrepreneurs in Portugal. Are you planning to start a small-scale holiday accommodation in Portugal? However, if you do not know where to start, what the rules and conditions are, then I will help you on your way. Based on my own experience and acquired knowledge as a B & B owner in Portugal, I advise future colleagues at the start of a small-scale accommodation in Portugal. It is more than just advising. I also search for things and also supervise the entire process if desired.


Request NIF number

Opening bankaccount

Request licence number(AL)

Registration at Finanças

Registration at Segurança social

ARegistration at SEF

guidance and advice

Advice kind of administration

Explanation tax IRS, IRC en IVA

Quidance quarterly declaration Segurança social

Quidance invoices Finanças

Quidance guestinformation SEF