As you can read on the “About Me” page Portugalore actually consists of 3 pillars! Pillars that can be intertwined but also stand alone. It makes Portugalore a creative and vibrant company. Portugalore is a one-man business and this certainly applies to the pillars web design and Alojamento Local. However, the third pillar I, José, do together with my husband.

Pillar 1: webdesign & seo optimization

Pillars 1: portugalore webdesign and optimisation
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Web design born from ‘wanting to know’ how things work. Wanting to know why and how. When, in the eighties, the first computer made its appearance at my work in an accountancy firm, I was also at the forefront. The passion for creating combined with the interest in the Internet. How does a website come about and how can I make it?

Pillar 2: Local Employment

Portugalore alojamento local
3 pillars of Portugalore 5

We are looking for information about alojamento local for our own emigration. We were planning to start a Bed and Breakfast in Portugal but lacked good and especially updated information in Dutch.

I have immersed myself in the matter. It turns out there is a lot involved and then there is the language barrier. By training, reading a lot, searching the internet but also by working together I can now call myself the Dutch-language expert Alojamento Local. So I work together with Portuguese interest groups for Alojamento Local but also with the professional group for AL, de Alep. As well as with the Turismo de Portugal and other bodies.

Pillar 3: Emigration to Portugal

More about Portugal Mont'Alto
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There is a lot involved in an emigration. Even if it is within the EU, we noticed during our own search on the internet. Not only do things have to be arranged in the new country of residence. Also in the Netherlands there is a lot to arrange and to take into account when you emigrate. As with the issues concerning an alojamento local, we noticed that there was little to be found about practical matters. Everywhere there was something to find but not enough or too general. There must be another way. We are not there yet, but we are working on it. Everything under one roof for practical questions and solutions when emigrating from the Netherlands to Portugal.

Finally, about Portugalore and its pillars

I am sometimes asked whether you should not focus on just one pillar. I have seriously thought about this. However, these pillars often coincide. The strength of Portugalore lies in the overall picture. Precisely where each pillar is focused on separately: web design, alojamento local and emigration.

Emigrating to Portugal and start an alojamento local? Do you want a beautiful website for your accommodation through web design & SEO optimisation? Choose Portugalore for web design & Alojamento local & emigration advice! With its 3 pillars everything under one roof!