Starting a small rental accommodation in Portugal

There is more to it than starting a Alojamento Local, rental accommodation, than finding a suitable home and furnishing beautiful rooms. What are those activities alojamento local? Are you ready to receive guests? No! You must comply with all kinds of laws and regulations. There are conditions and restrictions, but fortunately also many options. All the considerations, laws and rules are listed for you in a handy E-book.

Considerations about which administration form you can choose best. What fits in your situation. What are the fiscal and financial consequences of that choice. However, what type of business suits you and will you exercise? Alojamento Local moradia or is it an Alojamento Local Apartemento or something else. Do you actually fall under an alojamento local or is it a Casa do Campo in your situation.

As your virtual assistant, your virtual assistant, it is also possible that I take care of (a part of) your administration. Register and maintain your accommodation on the various booking websites as well as other common activities


Request NIF number

Opening bankaccount

Request licence number(AL)

Registration at Finanças

Registration at Segurança social

ARegistration at SEF

guidance and advice

Advice kind of administration

Explanation tax IRS, IRC en IVA

Quidance quarterly declaration Segurança social

Quidance invoices Finanças

Quidance guestinformation SEF

Advice Alojamento Local Portugal

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