Advice start accommodation for rental in Portugal

Advice to starting accommodation entrepreneurs in Portugal. Do you also want to start a small-scale holiday accommodation in Portugal? However, you do not know where to start, what the rules and conditions are then I help you on your way. Based on my own experience as a B&B owner in Portugal and knowledge acquired, I advise on the start of a small-scale accommodation in Portugal. I also guide people in the practice of an Alojamento Local.

In addition to general information, based on legislation and regulations, you also receive customized advice. Specially selected for you by the various authorities. There is also an extensive E-book where you can find a lot to get started yourself. If desired, I also guide you through the entire process to get the permit for an alojamento local. Then I also support and guide you in the first period after the start of your alojamento local in the world of administrative activities.
More about rural tourism soon: Casa do Campo, agro turismo and Hotéis Rurais. If you think you are eligible for this, please contact us. Go to work overview.

Advice Alojamento local

Practicing an alojamento local is more than just receiving guests!