A spider in the web

About me: Spider of PortugaloreWhat about me? I am José, born in 1965 and living in Portugal since 2016. Together with my husband I have a small Bed and Breakfast in Arganil. We have consciously chosen to live in this beautiful area because there is not much mass tourism yet. Nature and culture, both nationally and authentically, are typical words for our living environment. We enjoy living here and meeting the different guests in the B & B. The B & B is therefore a wonderful haven for vacationers and gives me the opportunity to enjoy even more things.

But I am a centipede, a spider in a web. I love organizing and arranging, but also being creative and creative. This resulted last year in Tours Portugal, here I give advice for tours through Portugal. Travel compiled entirely according to the wishes and possibilities of the travelers.

Me in other companies

By the bed and breakfast and by Rondreizen Portugal I came into contact more and more often with accommodations that wanted a better website. Accommodation who wanted to know more about reservation and availability calendars and also about channel managers. Even before my website for Rondreizen Portugal was born, questions from colleagues came in.

One colleague wanted a completely new website including channel manager for his new open glamping. The other colleague wanted to give his existing website a new look and be found better in the search engines. That way I literally became a spider in the web. A digital centipede on the web. Working hard and learning a lot further I can proudly say that I deliver a beautiful and good product. A product that I can stand behind.

I would also like to make your website or add a new look for you. My specialization is small-scale rental accommodation but of course you are welcome for all branches of industry and non-profit organizations.
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I hope you now know enough about me but otherwise Contact me