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Technical Webdesign

Technical Webdesign

A website is your shop window, your business card. Not only the web design, but also the technology and SEO optimisation are important. The first impression must therefore be good so that people want to look further on your website. Not only look further but also buy your products or services. Your offer may be as good as it is, but if it is not immediately visible and well displayed, people will not find it.

This is what I want to achieve together with you. Together, we will build all the building blocks into a beautiful shop window where people like to come, stay and take action! A website that is easy to find and leads to conversion! Not only the picture but technical webdesign for the best results!

Portugalore technical webdesign and seo optimization

Brainstorming and consultation, flexible working hours and short lines of communication are a few key words that are essential at Portugalore. As a web designer I actively think along with you and also give advice in order to achieve the best end result. The best end result is a beautifully displayed but also well findable website. A website that suits you and your company.

A result that we achieve in a joint process in which you can choose from various options. Portugalore will make your website completely according to your wishes or you choose for website coaching where you do a lot yourself. However your website will be created, cooperation with you is paramount. During the entire process there will be frequent contact with each other.

Portugalore for you!

Whatever you choose, the websites made by Portugalore are always made using the CMS, content management system, WordPress. Although I find it very inspiring and motivating to be able to make websites for all kinds of fields, I also have a specialisation. My specialisation is websites for (small-scale) holiday | accommodation rentals. Availability and booking systems as well as channel managers are often part of these websites.

SEO Optimization

What is SEO optimization? What do the search engines say about it? The letters SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. Translated to Dutch that is no more or less than search engine optimization.

Why SEO optimization for your website?

What do you do when you want to search for something on the internet? Well, you go to the search bar, which in 95% of cases is the one for Dutch & European websites. You type in your search query and then choose one of the websites that appear on the first page. There are many more websites that also meet your search query but are only shown much further on.

If you have your own website, then you naturally want your website to be displayed as high as possible, preferably on the first page. This is not always possible, but you can do it with your most important keywords and terms. This is where you can stand out. This concerns the free search results, the organic search results.

What should SEO optimization look like?

There are quite a few things to take into account. Roughly speaking, this can be divided into the technology of your website. The content of your website and how important the search engines find your website. For SEO optimization you have the first two things largely in the hand.

Technical: Think for example of the structure of your website. Most websites use a theme. Most themes are SEO-friendly and therefore already take this into account. Is your website secure and equipped with an SSL certificate? Also think about the speed, use of sitemap and the right permalinks. The page structure is also an important part, such as the correct use of headers.

Content: the content of your website is the information provided on your website. Think of texts, photos and videos. The more and the better the information is tailored to your target group, the longer the visitors will stay on your website. Perhaps they visit multiple pages or want to share the content with others by posting it on social media. All these things are good for your SEO. The ideal content is therefore an important part of SEO optimisation.

Authority: This is usually the least you can influence. The authority of your website is largely determined by the search engines, by google. In SEO, this is an important aspect. Authority is largely determined by google how often and by which websites are linked to your website. We call this link building.

SEO optimization for your website

Have you created a beautiful website or had one created? But have you never heard of search engine optimization? Or have you heard of it and even installed a plugin for it? If however the purchases, bookings and/or reactions stay away from your website then it is time to call in someone.

What can Portugalore do for you?

  • Install a good plugin and set it up completely, including registering your website with google. Have the website indexed and create a sitemap. I prefer to work with the new lightweight plugin from RankMath.
  • Take care of the entire technical optimization of your website
  • Take care of the entire content optimization of your website
  • Perform an SEO analysis including a brief keyword research and ranking research. You will receive a report with recommendations and tips that you can do yourself or let me do it.

Maintenance and support

Maintenance & support & coaching

maintenance and webdesign support and coaching
SEO optimization

Do you want to do a lot yourself on your website? Write your own texts, add photos? Maybe go a step further and create new pages yourself and link them to the menu as well?
However, you want to be sure that your website is always technically sound. That everything is up to date and your website is online when needed.

Then choose a maintenance & support package from Portugalore. This can be supplemented with website coaching. With website coaching you work on your own website as much as possible but you call in Portugalore when things get difficult. There are various hour cards available for this.

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