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Webdesign & optimalisation & maintenance and support

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Portugalore webdesign

At Portugalore you can go for all your customization in the field of creating and also maintaining a website. I create websites by using a content management system, in this case WordPress.

I also specialized in websites for (small-scale) holidays accommodation rental. Availability and booking systems as well as channel managers are usually part of these websites. Brainstorming with the customer to achieve a great end product together. Short lines and also quick response. Flexible working hours and also days. Are you that (starting) entrepreneur, self-employed person or (volunteer) organization looking for a website. Do you feel addressed and welcome on this website. Then contact us using the contact form. A website is a product where designer and customer work closely together to achieve a great end result. A process in which the customer is involved as much as possible in the entire process.

Portugalore is therefore more than just a web design agency. There is also active thinking and advice with you. Collaboration with the customer is paramount. During the entire process there is frequent contact with each other. What Portugalore can do for you and even more can be found on the Work activities websites page. Webdesign with passion and fully optimization.

Advice alojamento local

Advice start accommodation for rental in Portugal

Advice to starting accommodation entrepreneurs in Portugal. Do you also want to start a small-scale holiday accommodation in Portugal? However, you do not know where to start, what the rules and conditions are then I help you on your way. Based on my own experience as a B&B owner in Portugal and knowledge acquired, I advise on the start of a small-scale accommodation in Portugal. I also guide people in the practice of an Alojamento Local.

In addition to general information, based on legislation and regulations, you also receive customized advice. Specially selected for you by the various authorities. There is also an extensive E-book where you can find a lot to get started yourself. If desired, I also guide you through the entire process to get the permit for an alojamento local. Then I also support and guide you in the first period after the start of your alojamento local in the world of administrative activities.
More about rural tourism soon: Casa do Campo, agro turismo and Hotéis Rurais. If you think you are eligible for this, please contact us. Go to work overview.

Advice Alojamento local

Practicing an alojamento local is more than just receiving guests!

Portugalore | Your eyes in Portugal

dreamhouse in Portugal  your eyes

Is your future dreamhouse in Portugal?

Your eyes in POrtugal

Your are looking for your new dreamhouse in Portugal. A house to spend your holidays. Maybe you have plans to move to Portugal and your are looking for a new home. You search at the internetsites of brokers and private persons. Each house is more beautiful and has more potention then the last one.

But sometimes pictures are more beautiful then the reality of the opposite and is not possible to cache the reality in a picture. You want to see your dreamhouse as soon as possible and see how they are in the real. You want to know if your dreamhouse meets your needs and expectations. Only a viewing gives an answer to those questions.

Unfortunately, you can not always come to Portugal immediately to do this yourself. Portugalore does the first viewing for you and acts as your eyes in Portugal. For more information and the way of working contact us.

Emigrate to Portugal

If you are going to emigrate, a lot of things are involved. Also within Europe. You must register in Portugal and deregister from the Netherlands. You need a tax number, a bank account and registration at the health center. Perhaps you want to get started as a self-employed person or want to import your car from the Netherlands. When do you do what and how do you do that? Portugalore gives advice tailored to your situation, makes an ’emigration planning’ and supervises the entire process. Where more extensive expertise is required, we work together with a consultancy in Alte (Algarve): Albers & Roukema

Virtueel assistente Portugalore

Your virtual assistant

I also almost hear virtual assistant Portugalore thinking. It may sound like all too much of a good thing, but that is also where my strength lies. I’m a centipede. I like to arrange and organize. I like to deliver a total package. Not only the website but also ensure that it continues to function properly. Not only the advice when starting an alojamento local but also that it continues to run well. I am happy to take the administrative and administrative burden off your hands so that you can devote yourself to your company. On the page virtual assistent you find an indication of the possibilities. However, much more is possible. Everything is negotiable.