dreamhouse in Portugal  your eyes

Is your future dreamhouse in Portugal?

Your eyes in POrtugal

Your are looking for your new dreamhouse in Portugal. A house to spend your holidays. Maybe you have plans to move to Portugal and your are looking for a new home. You search at the internetsites of brokers and private persons. Each house is more beautiful and has more potention then the last one.

But sometimes pictures are more beautiful then the reality of the opposite and is not possible to cache the reality in a picture. You want to see your dreamhouse as soon as possible and see how they are in the real. You want to know if your dreamhouse meets your needs and expectations. Only a viewing gives an answer to those questions.

Unfortunately, you can not always come to Portugal immediately to do this yourself. Portugalore does the first viewing for you and acts as your eyes in Portugal. For more information and the way of working contact us.

Emigrate to Portugal

If you are going to emigrate, a lot of things are involved. Also within Europe. You must register in Portugal and deregister from the Netherlands. You need a tax number, a bank account and registration at the health center. Perhaps you want to get started as a self-employed person or want to import your car from the Netherlands. When do you do what and how do you do that? Portugalore gives advice tailored to your situation, makes an ’emigration planning’ and supervises the entire process. Where more extensive expertise is required, we work together with a consultancy in Alte (Algarve): Albers & Roukema